Send Your Friend Mints

The sneaky little method for solving the bad breath conundrum

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Someone's bad breath ruining your life?

2.4% of the Australian adult population suffers from bad breath. Unfortunately, they all seem to know you.

What is wrong with some people, right?
Floss, brush, rinse - how hard is that?

Having bad breath these days is inexcusable, what with all that cosmetic dentistry and two-for-one on Colgate.

But yet people do, and good people like yourself have to suffer. And want to know the real sucker punch in all of this? You can't tell them! If you do, you hurt their feelings and suddenly you're the bad guy.

So grandpa John, Tracy from work, and that guy that always seems to hang around you (even though you don't really know him) all get to breathe over you, and you can't say anything. Not a thing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Yes, friend, whoever made up these rules about what is socially acceptable when it comes to talking about bad breath really does want to just sit back and watch the world burn.

FEATURED in the Herald Sun

The "polite" way of dealing with bad breath

For decades, lovers have slipped a discreet mint into their mouths before locking lips with their sweetheart. This mint has removed every trace of bad breath leaving nothing else to focus on other than the tender embrace.

One day, we had this idea. What if we could get these mints to everybody that has bad breath?
What if we could send a few deliciously minty sweets to the home or workplace of somebody whose breath is making others' lives a misery - in the hope that they'll get the message?

And so we did. Friends, family and colleagues with unsavoury breath were sent mints which transformed their breath from foul to refreshing. Best of all, there were no hard feelings. Most of them got the message - and the few that didn't, they still had lovely minty breath!



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Now, we want to come to your rescue. We want to mail some mints to somebody you know with bad breath. We're pretty sure that our heart-warming little gift will show them the error of their ways. Many have gone before you, noble breath smeller; now it's your turn. It's your turn to pass on the gift of great breath to another.
Do you accept the challenge?

For $2.99* (inc postage), we will post individually wrapped mints with a friendly hint to freshen up.

Click Buy Now below and make sure you tell us the address of that stinky someone!

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